Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vacancy in PT. KalStar Aviation

PT. KAL STAR AVIATION immediately requires a new PILOT with qualifications for the following positions (applicants who are rated for the type ATR 42 or 72 series will be prioritized)

1). CAPTAIN (Code: CPT)
a. Indonesian ATPL
b. valid 1st class medical clearance.
c. minimum total flying exp 3000 hours.
d. wind shear, CRM & AVSEC certificates

a. Indonesian CPL + IR and multi engines
b. valid 1st class medical clearance
c. wind sheer, CRM & AVSEV certificates
d. qualified FO may be given the opportunity to upgrade qualifications to be the Captain or Pilot in command.

If you are qualified for the above positions, please send your full CV to:
PO BOX 144 BMD 15330
Please put position code on the top left of your envelope.

Source: Kompas, printed ed, Oct 17, 09

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